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I love you more...  

Why was it that I thought I was the only one to say this to my kids!  Makes a great wedding gift! 

I love you more's overall length is variable depending on how much you spread them out.  The capital letters are approx 8" tall.  The "love" is approx 14" long, "you" is approx 13" and the "more" is approx 19" long.  I used a lighter weight metal so it is not as heavy.  The letters have been pre-drilled so that you can use the tiny, already rusted small nails that are included for hanging. 

If you send me the font you love, I can work with you on it!

All of my metal art is hand cut (no computer) with a plasma cutter. The edges are not ground smooth. The slag created on the edges, I feel, gives each piece a little character and personality. There are no two alike!.

The metal art is not sealed. I use recycled already rusted metal. They are different shades of "rust".

I love to do custom work, including logos. If you have something in mind, please contact me with details. 

I Love you more... Rusty Metal Words

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