Foothill Metal Art

Distenctively different, hand cut metal art

Art on Stakes

16" Swim'n Trout

16" Float'in Trout

16" Jump'in Trout

Snail Family Set 

Cat 11"x8"

Whimsical Butterfly

Large  Butterfly 

8"x9" Frog

Large Snail  9"x10"

Baby Snail

 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 

*click image to enlarge

Flower Garden Turtle 10"x14"

Bunny Family.. Mom measures 12"x13", Baby 6"x7"

Flower Garden Bunny


Quail Family  

​Parent Quail stands 12'h x 14"w and the

​ 3 babies stand 4" x 7"  

Also available additional smaller parent 

Puppy 11"x 9"

Everyone needs St. Francis in their yard!